US Dental License for Foreign Trained Dentists


Monday, November 12, 2018


Dental License in Ohio for Foreign Trained Dentists
Dental License in Ohio for Foreign Trained Dentists

Dental License in Ohio for Foreign Trained Dentists

Ohio accepts applications for licensure from foreign trained dentists if they meet certain criteria:

- Pass parts I & II of NBDE

- Minimum score of 650 on the TOEFl or level 109 on the "English Language Service Test".

- Provide notarized credentials in English translation of: diploma or evidence of graduation from a dental school, evidence of being licensed or admitted to practice in the country of graduation, and a complete transcript of all academic grades in dental school with courses completed, along with pre-dental school transcripts.

- Criminal Records Check completed by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I).

- Certification letter from each of the state boards of dental examiners where you hold or have held a dental license, if any.

- Letters of recommendation from each of the local dental associations or societies of which you have been a member during the preceding five years.

- You must also send a certified attestation, acceptable to the Board, from the faculty of an ADA-accredited dental college, that you have had a laboratory examination, and clinical training in all phases of general dentistry, and that you presently possess clinical skills at least equal to the graduates of that school.

The board follows up with an explanation or actually a practical alternative to the point mentioned above, since it's difficult to find an American dental school that offers a laboratory examination or if offered, that examination may not be acceptable to the Ohio board,they recommend that you enroll in a two-year program in an accredited dental school that includes clinical training, and one that is commensurate with the final two years of dental school, in other words, either an international dental program, or an advanced standing program.

- Proof of immunity to or immunization against the hepatitis B virus.

- Must pass an examination on Board Statutes and Regulations.

- Must pass all parts of the clinical examinations administered by the Northeast Regional Board (NERB), or Central Regional Dental Testing Service (CRDTS), or Southern Regional Testing Agency (SRTA) or Western Regional Examining Board (WREB)

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