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Monday, November 12, 2018

Illinois Dental schools

Illinois Dental schools
Dental schools in Illinois that offer International Dental Programs or accept international graduates with Advanced Standing.

Dental schools in Illinois that offer International Dental Programs or accept international graduates with Advanced Standing.

Chicago, IL
University of Illinois @ Chicago College of Dentistry
International Dental Degree Program IDDP

A 2-yr program that accepts 30 international dental students every year, successful students graduate with a DDS degree.

Requirements & Application Process

- Only open for US citizens and US permanent residents.
- A dental degree from a foreign country.
- Submit the online UIC application.
- NBDE part I scores (no minimum is mentioned) and part II if available.
- TOEFL scores; minimum of IBT 80, paper 550, CBT 213.
- Notarized copies of your dental education transcripts and translation.
- ECE course-by-course evaluation of your dental transcripts.
- Notarized copy of dental degree/diploma.
- 2 letters of recommendation.
- $150 application fee

UIC website.

Contact Information

Admissions - Office of Student and Diversity Affairs
University of Illinois at Chicago
801 S. Paulina Street, MC 621, Room 104
Chicago, IL 60612
Tel: (312) 996-1020

Braulia Espinosa
Assistant Director of Admissions


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