US Dental License for Foreign Trained Dentists


Monday, November 12, 2018


Dental License in New York for Foreign Trained Dentists
Dental License in New York for Foreign Trained Dentists

Dental License in New York for Foreign Trained Dentists

New York is one of the more progressive states in the union in more than one respect, and when it comes to dental regulations, it is no exception. The following paragraphs summarize the requirements and regulations to obtain dental license in New York. The general requirements include: good moral character, at least 21 years old, fulfill education requirements, examination requirements, and experience requirements, and finally you should be a US citizen or a permanent resident.

Education Requirements

For foreign trained dentists, the main education requirement is to complete not less than two academic years of study satisfactory to the department in a registered or accredited dental school program including such subjects as may be necessary for certification by such registered or accredited school that the candidate has achieved the level of knowledge and clinical proficiency expected of a graduate of the school. This program could culminate in a dental degree, diploma, or certificate.

My interpretation of this language is that any 2-yr dental program (pre-doctoral or post-doctoral) should satisfy this requirement as long as it's CODA accredited. Now if you have doubts or questions about a particular dental program and you want to know for sure if it is satisfactory, you should contact the NY Board of Dentistry directly at or 518-474-3817 ext 550

Other education requirements, specially if you did not graduate from a NY dental school, include training in the identification and reporting of child abuse, and infection control training.

Experience Requirements

Clinical license exams are no longer required or accepted for license in New York (since December 31, 2006). Instead, applicants should complete an approved clinically-based dental residency program of at least one year duration, most AEGD or GPR programs are considered acceptable for this requirement, as well as most dental specialty programs.

Examination Requirements

Passing NBDE parts I & II

3-Year Limited License

What if you are not a US citizen or a permanent resident? You still have an alternate route if you are willing to make some compromises. You can apply for and obtain a three-year limited license provided that you meet all other requirements, and you are willing to provide services in a Federal Dental Health Professional Shortage Area of New York State. You may also apply for an extension of six years if you are applying for or in the process of obtaining a permanent resident status.

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