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Sunday, November 11, 2018

SRTA Clinical Exams

SRTA - Southern Regional Testing Agency / Dental Exam

Southern Regional Testing Agency
Southern Regional Testing Agency

Important: you must download and read the current exam candidate's manual. Information you find here is meant to only give you a general idea of the SRTA exam. The candidate manual (found here) will contain complete and detailed information about the exam. Applications are completed online. You will receive a candidate badge used for identification along with any additional required material after successful application.

The SRTA exam consists of six separate sections: Endodontics, Class III Composite (prep & restore), Class II Amalgam (prep & restore), Fixed Prosthodontics and computer simulated examinations in Periodontics and Prosthodontics.

Each section is judged by specific criteria and scored on a Pass/Fail basis. Successful completion of each section requires passing 75% or more of the specified criteria in all procedures within that section. Successful completion of the SRTA exam requires passing all six sections. The clinical examination is given in an open format. Candidates may perform the clinical procedures as they wish, providing the guidelines for each procedure as outlined in the candidate manual are followed.

The technical procedures and the restorative materials will be the candidate's own choice. Satisfactory patient treatment is the criterion for acceptance or rejection of any method, procedure or material used. The Southern Regional Testing Agency examines candidates with varying education backgrounds. Because different dental schools teach different preparations, SRTA does not look for one type of standard preparation. In other words, the bottom line is providing satisfactory and clinically acceptable patient treatment.

The SRTA examiners are experienced practitioners with diverse backgrounds, they are trained and standardized prior to each exam and are evaluated to assure grading to established criteria. The examiners are separated from the candidates and remain in the "Scoring Area" of the clinic. the candidates must observe all signs and follow instructions so as to not breach anonymity.

Each candidate must provide all patients, required endo teeth and fixed prosthodontic typodont, necessary materials and instruments including high and slow speed handpieces. Patients must be at least 14 years of age. A parent or guardian must be available in the waiting area during treatment and provide written consent for minors under the age of 18.

On day one of the examination, candidates taking the complete examination are required to register prior to orientation and are expected to attend the orientation session/presentation when specific instructions for the exam will be given. An opportunity for questions and answers will be provided after the presentation is completed. Only candidates registered for the examination are permitted to attend the orientation session. Please direct your assistant and/or patients either to the clinical or waiting area. Candidates failing to attend the orientation session will not be given separate instructions (Post Operative Care Agreements(s) must be submitted at registration).

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