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Sunday, November 11, 2018

California Clinical Exams

Dental Clinical Exam
Dental Board of California

California Dental Clinical Exam

This exam is one of two clinical exams that the State of California uses for licensure purposes, the other one is the WREB exam. California has its own clinical exam that is still being offered, but is only good for licensure in California. This exam has both written and clinical components and is offered 2-5 times times a year at any of the 5 California dental schools.

To qualify you must meet these criteria: submit an application (to order an application, send a request by FAX to 916-263-2140. Include your name, address, and telephone contact number), pay all fees (total of $601), successful completion of parts I & II of NBDE, liability insurance, a classifiable set of fingerprints, graduation from a CODA accredited dental school, or a dental school approved by the CA dental board.

Examination Subjects

Written Sections:

Endodontics: 50 multipe-choice questions, 50 minutes allowed.
Removable Prosth: 50 multiple-choice questions (stations style), 2.5 min/station, 17 stations.
Perio: clinical slides and 54 multiple-choice questions, 54 minutes, 1 min per slide.

Practical Sections:

Simulated Fixed Prosth: 3-unit post. fixed partial bridge prep. + ant crown prep

Clinical Sections (patient-based):

Perio: examination, diagnosis, scaling.
Class II amalgam: prep & restoration.
Class III or IV composite: prep & restoration.

To read more about the exact patient requirements and specifications of the clinical components of the clinical exam you will need to download and read the candidate handbook.

In addition to the above sections, you will need to take the California dental law and ethics.

For more information about the Clinical Examination, call Eric Rivera at (916) 263-2510 or e-mail him at

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